Communications Audit

(a snapshot of your business)

A communications audit is a high-level snapshot/review of your marketing communications program. Which includes a critical primary research component to find out how customers, prospects, or another specific group view you. A communications audit brings special insight and focus to your future marketing communications planning that you can’t get any other way.

Because of how quickly the way people receive, interpret, and respond to communications changes these days, it makes sense to have an audit done on a regular basis, usually once a year. It is cheap insurance and often one of the most valuable things a company can do if done right.

How It Works:

Questions and Answers:

Is an audit really that important?

You spend a lot of money on marketing communications. And your brand is a critical part of your success. A communications audit is cheap insurance to make sure that what you are doing makes sense.

Why not just do it myself and save a few bucks?

A lot of companies have tried to do that. But it’s like giving yourself a haircut, you are too close to the subject to do a good job. Not only do you benefit from a fresh set of eyes, but the only way to get honest answers from customers, prospects, or another group is for a third party to ask them.

I had a major agency do an audit once and it wasn’t that helpful.

They have to be done right to be worth doing. For example, I saw an audit done by a high-level agency a couple years ago that turned out to be not much more than a low-level person proofreading existing material. I wouldn’t consider that to be a real audit, let alone worth doing.