Focus Sessions

Focus sessions are regular meetings, usually monthly, where we have ongoing discussions of current activities and priorities. It’s the perfect way to involve high-level expertise in a way that is affordable on day-to-day activities.

Many companies find focus sessions to be the perfect way to overcome the fact that they are so busy with their own day-to-day activities that there is never time to stop and think about the big picture. As well as having high-level oversight and insight that keeps priorities on track and moving forward.


Other than an initial six-meeting (usually six month) minimum to get comfortable with each other, there is no long-term commitment. But I’ll bet once you start doing focus sessions you will never stop. How much do they cost? Estimate $500 per month, a bit more if you are located farther away.

Questions and Answers:

Don’t focus sessions and communications audits do the same thing?
Not really. Communications Audits are a lot more in-depth and find out what customers, prospects, or another group thinks. Focus sessions keep you on track during the year. Some companies do one or the other. Most do both, as they have different goals.