Just need an ad? We can do that. Need us to do everything for awhile for some reason. We can do that, too. We are the right choice for that project you've been putting off. Or that project you need done, but not at big agency prices. We can be a second set of expert eyes to take a look and make sure you're doing what you should be doing. Or to do something memorable you haven't thought of yet because it's totally out of the box. Regardless, shoot me a note at dave@marketing-cafe.com and let's talk. No commitment. No risk. Nothing to lose unless you don't.

We can help you:

Core expertise:

Strategic planning. Advertising (both traditional and online). Sales support materials (brochures, catalogs, leave behinds, database support, etc.) Copywriting (in all it's forms). Visual design and art. Direct marketing. Publicity and public relations. Web design and development. Videos. Social media. Emerging technologies. Signage. Packaging. Event planning and execution. Recognition programs. Trade shows and company events. Custom publishing. Brand development. Product introductions. Making you memorable.