Production Services

No matter what your project I cater to the tastes of how companies really want their marketing communications produced, now and in the future. No commitments. One project at a time. Working only with top experts who have the broad experience and specific skills to do each job better. At nearly freelance prices.

How does that happen? I provide the strategic expertise, account service, and broad understanding of how things work in both the traditional and digital environment. Then, as required, With access to whatever specialized skills I need through a consortuim of independent communications professionals we call The Roundtable Group, which I helped found and am a charter member. So that I have more resources than I've ever had in order to deliver the very best of the very best for about any marketing communications project you could ever need. At the most affordable rates in my entire life.

Questions and Answers:

What can you do, and what can’t you do?

We have virtually anything you need for any marketing communications project, from a flyer, to digital, to a lobby design. Either directly from one of our charter members, a resource member, or using an outside service. .

What makes you better for projects than my agency?

First, every charter member has worked for an agency. With the usual story being that they were good enough at what they do that they kept getting promoted until they didn’t get to do what they loved anymore. But rather just supervised people who couldn’t do the job as well. So they quit and started working as an independent.